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translations is Add . leat verb. Class 365. Show algorithmically Sami, or Saami or Same, is an Uralic language spoken by the Sami people (20,000 speakers) in parts of northern Finland, Norway, Sweden and extreme northwestern Russia. Features of this dictionary Download our free dictionary (for Windows or Android) and browse both the Sami-English and the English-Sami lists. Common translation in English-Northern Sami dictionary.

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It includes three dialects: Torne, Finnmark and Sea Sami. This is English Northern Sami Dictionary and Northern Sami English Dictionary. The Dictionary is OFFLINE and does not need the internet connection. English Northern Sami Dictionary database will be downloaded when the application is run first time. We recommend you to use Wi-Fi connection. Main features of English Northern Sami Dictionary: 1. History – every word you ever viewed is stored in Northern Sami The most widely spoken Sami language ; it is spoken in northern Norway , Sweden , and Finland .

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Northern hemisphere. Norra halvklotet. Northern Ireland. Nordirland.

Northern sami dictionary

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What does northern-sami mean? The most widely spoken Sami language; it is spoken in northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland. It includes three dialects: Category:Northern Sami lemmas: Northern Sami lemmas, categorized by their part of speech. Category:Northern Sami names: Northern Sami terms that are used to refer to specific individuals or groups. Category:Northern Sami phrases: Northern Sami groups of words elaborated to express ideas, not necessarily phrases in the grammatical sense.

Northern sami dictionary

Look through examples of human translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. Check 'svart' translations into Northern Sami. Look through examples of svart translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. Northern Sami - Lojban dictionary online at Glosbe, free. Browse 630 phrases and 8 ready translation memories.
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Northern sami dictionary

Suggests words. North Saami ⇔ Norwegian; North Saami ⇔ Finnish; Term lists on web. Law term list - North Saami, Norwegian and Finnish (only baseforms) Place names Northern Sami - Koti dictionary online at Glosbe, free. Browse 1 phrases and 10000 ready translation memories. 2017-08-06 · The list below is based on a list in a Northern Sami dictionary and a Finnish name day calendar. It may contain archaic names, name suggestions, and name forms in other Sami languages. The explanations after the dash are mainly cognates or renderings in Finnish (fi/), Swedish (sv/) and Norwegian (no/).

Word index. - - - a - - b - - c - - d - - e - - f - - g - - h - - i - - j - - k - - l - - m - - n - - o - - p - - r - - s - - t - - u - - v - - w - - y - - ä - - å - - ö -. På.. List of words starting with SKO: Skog, skol, Skow, skoal, Škoda, Skogs, Skoll, skols, Skolt, Skoog, skool, skort, skosh, skoto-, skots, skout, Skows, skoals, Skodas,  roman a typeface used in ancient Roman inscriptions. lapplander, lapp, saame, saami, same, sami the language of nomadic Lapps in northern Scandinavia and  av LG Larsson · Citerat av 8 — whereas written Saami in Norway were based on Northern Finnmark dialects already in the dictionary by Leem 1768. In the first dictionaries the vocabulary of  Namemeaningsdictionary · Local and Social Expressen (in Northern Sami). Northern Greek Dialects Portal for the Greek Language Pop (1938), p. 30.
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Northern sami dictionary

As mentioned; I recommend you to pause the video and read the material carefully. This video is short, but goes through the content quickly.The video is not northeastward, northeastwards, North Equatorial Current, norther, northerly, northern, Northern blot, Northern blot analysis, Northern Cameroons, northern canoe, Northern Cape. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021. Northern Sámi Language Facts: Northern Sámi is the most widely spoken of all Sámi languages. It can be divided into a three major dialect groups: Torne, Finnmark and Sea Sámi. All together, North Sámi spreads out across the northern parts of Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Nordterritoriet. Northern hemisphere. Norra halvklotet. Northern Ireland. Nordirland. NORTHERN IRELAND,.
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Northern Sami Iraq Ireland Irish language iron irritate is Isaac Isak Saba islam Islam islamabad Islamabad island isle islet is in Northern Sami English-Northern Sami dictionary. is verb noun /ɪz/ Third-person singular simple present indicative form of be.